1. 5 Facts Every Parent Should Know About EMFs

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  2. My DOTty Journey

    I thought I would let you know a little about my experience with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

    In 2014, I took a stand at a holistic health fair with my essential oils business. I took a look around and was attracted to the EnergyDOTs stand. I bought my first DOT then and there. I had in fact discovered another product to combat EMFs (with different technology and design) at the same fair around a year earlier. However, I love the fact that the DOTs not only look good but have been the subject of a number of studies which proved how powerful they can be. I also love the fact that they are so wafer thin that then can actually be placed within a phone battery compartment. Shortly after I began to market them, I started gradually placing them on the various WiFi enabled devices which I owned.

    Over the coming months, I shared them with friends and family, and the reaction has been interesting. People who are knowledgeable about natural and preventative health “get” them straight away. Others look at me as if I’ve gone mad. I’m used to both reactions and get similar ones when I talk essential oils. My journey to natural health and an awareness of the dangers out there in our modern life has been gradual. Everyone goes at their own pace; it’s easy to come over as over enthusiastic or even evangelical to others who aren’t quite ready to make the connection yet. Only recently I remembered my first exposure to the potential dangers of EMFs. Years ago, I worked in Human Resources. In fact, for more than 16 years. While I was working for a large UK charity, a member of staff within our Building department (let’s call him Pete) said that he was suffering because of EMFs.

    His manager and myself honestly thought he was crazy. Pete worked as a CAD Technician and as such a great amount of his time was spent looking at a screen. His workspace admittedly wasn’t brilliant, and he was very close to the servers. It was a real concern to him, and he had already taken time off work because of it. Pete wasn’t the best team member in the world, and sad to say that probably had an impact on how we dealt with his case. His symptoms were pretty horrible: really bad headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritability and when he got home an inability to sleep properly. We got our Occupational Health nurse to assess the situation and she agreed that there was a problem, and that that there was information out there that EMFs could cause health issues.

    However there was a strong inference from her also that in this particular case that it might “all be in his head”. Nevertheless, we changed his working environment (the servers no longer had an office mate and Pete got a new office with a window). However, the problem was never properly resolved, sad to say that we really thought he was a little crazy. Pete’s story happened about 20 years ago when all the research was just starting.

    Now you can find all sorts of information out there. Just google “EMF effects” and you get over 600,000 hits. So I will willingly now admit that back then, I was part of the problem. Pete – if you’re out there, I’m really sorry. Now, with the EnergyDOTs I’m part of the solution.

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